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Abusive Relationship Counseling by Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo

Counsellor Shivani says abuse in relationships generally has no place. Mostly it is achieved through words, insinuation, assault, and gestures and at times its subtlety can make it hard to identify. Victims of relationship abuse may not even notice at times that they are getting abused until they are somehow able to feel their experience from a certain viewpoint or until someone else shows it to them.

Relationship Abuse Cane Be:

  • Verbal insults or insinuations
  • Verbal aggression
  • Physical assault
  • Undermining confidence
  • Intimidation or power play
  • Isolation from family or friends

  • Abuse is Common

    More than 3 Million incidents of partner’s violence are reported each year, including both a man and a woman. 1/3rd of women and 1/4th of men have experienced some sort of interpersonal violence and for one-fourth of women and one-seventh of men, it’s severe

    A woman gets physically beaten or assaulted every 9 seconds. 20 persons are abused by their intimate partner each minute, adding about 10 million every year.

    Some Facts About Abusers

    Both men and women can be victims. If someone you love says they’ve been the victim of domestic or emotional violence, you should believe and support them, since no gender is safe and no amount of physical strength or emotional fortitude protect against abuse.

  • Usually, abuse takes place behind closed doors.
  • Abusers blame the victim.
  • Abusers deny their actions.
  • The abuser desires to be correct and in control.
  • The abuser is possessive and could try to isolate their partner from friends or family.
  • The abuser is hypersensitive and could react with rage.
  • Two-thirds of violence perpetrators have been drinking alcohol, using drugs.
  • You may not realize that abusers feel powerless. They never act insecure to hide the truth. One common thing is that their motive is to have power over their victim. To them, communication is a win-lose game.