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Pre-Marital Counseling by Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo

Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo says Pre-marital Counseling is a top way to prepare for your marriage and its ups and downs. It is a well-known fact that a good percentage of marriages end in divorce or separation for several reasons. Some marriages end because couples feel they have made a wrong choice or have felt that they no longer work with their partner. Some get divorced due to resentments, unfulfilled desires, and conflicts that damage empathy, connection, and love. Most times attempts to communicate escalate towards negative cycles (arguments) and spouses do not know how to repair and nurture a shaken emotional connection.

This is where premarital counseling is so beneficial for couples. The aim of pre-marriage counseling is to form a relationship that has a better possibility to last. Marriages go through several seasons and will majorly see many ups and downs. Counselor Shivani says preparing for those tough times will equip you as a couple to navigate smoothly and survive those seasons. However, in the exciting season of wedding planning, generally, most of your attention is focused on your engagement and wedding and the red flags are mostly ignored and not addressed at the beginning of increasing your risk of trouble in the future.

Effective Pre-marital Counseling at Saarthi Counselling Services can assist address and resolve budding conflicts before they grow into irreconcilable differences. Just like any good Couples Therapy, Pre-marital Counseling is a good way to explore and address any potential differences initially, so the couple can feel like at home when they enter this important milestone in their life and relationships.

Marriage Counselor Shivani says that the more you know about yourself and your partner’s strengths and vulnerabilities, the better you are about what you agree and disagree about, the more realistic you could be about your marriage and helping it growing, exciting, and fulfilling.

Common Reasons Why Couples Come for Pre-Marital Counseling

There are several reasons a couple may decide to seek pre-marital counseling. Some of those reasons could include

  • Fighting or conflicts
  • Communication issues
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Stuck in blame/defensive patterns
  • Questioning or doubting your selection of Spouse
  • Doubts regarding marriage
  • Trust issues
  • Feeling an urgency to address resentments that may have developed
  • Pre-marital Counseling Sessions

    During pre-marital counseling sessions at Saarthi Counseling Services, you will be offered you will be an opportunity to explore your relationship in an environment where safety, honesty, and trust are created together. You can learn together what attracted you to each other and what makes you a good team. You may also as a couple take a written questionnaire which enables Counselor Shivani to have a better understanding of your feelings and thoughts about key issues like money and time management, work and careers goals and plans, your relationship with yourself and each other’s families, timing and number of children, views about child care, need for individuality within the context of a couple, household works and duties and, of course, intimacy and romance. After reviewing your questionnaire, you could have a more thorough understanding of where you stand on those issues and would be able to identify potential areas of conflict. From there Counselor Shivani will be able to assist you to address these potential issues in pre-marital counseling.

    It is quite unrealistic to think that a couple needs to agree on everything. Each couple has irreconcilable differences in their marriage. However, it is not the differences that usually lead to divorce or separation but rather how they are conveyed and dealt with that makes or breaks marriages.

    At Saarthi Counselling Services you will be guided with In my work with relationship coaching and experiential interactions all of these are intended to restructure communication in an attempt to create connection, empathy and form a foundation for a marriage that is designed to last.

    Some Vital Tips about Marriage:

  • Differences and disagreements are unavoidable and do not mean you are not supposed to be together.
  • Every married couple have some issues that they disagree about and will continue to disagree about throughout their complete life together.
  • Intimacy and romance ebb and flow over time. It is essential to make time for getting intimate and create moments of romance and excitement. They do not have to be compared to your earlier times but can evolve into something new.
  • Mostly marriages change to post the birth of a child. It is absolutely normal and to be expected. It does not mean your days of love and romance are over. You are now parenting not only romantic partners. Hang in there and find those special moments.
  • Be open and willing to change within individuals and couples. When getting married, you promise to stay together, you do not have to stay the same.
  • The most vital key to marital satisfaction is how you repair your conflicts.
  • As per counselor Shivani, one of the secrets to a good and stable marriage is addressing pre-marriage problems before they become irreparable. Pre-marital counseling will assist you to form the best possible sustainable relationship together.